List of accepted papers
  • GigE Vision Data Acquisition for Visual Servoing using SG/DMA Proxying
    Authors: Martin Geier, Florian Pitzl and Samarjit Chakraborty
  • Resource Aggregation for Collaborative Video from Multiple Projector enabled Mobile Devices
    Authors: Hung Nguyen, Fadi Kurdahi and Aditi Majumder
  • Rapid Precedent-Aware Pedestrian and Car Classification on Constrained IoT Platforms
    Authors: Jay Danner, Linda Wills, Elbert M. Ruiz and Lee W. Lerner
  • Multi-Path Scheduling for Multimedia Traffic in Real-Time On-chip Network
    Authors: Adam Kostrzewa, Selma Saidi and Rolf Ernst
  • Temporal Analysis of Static Priority Preemptive Scheduled Cyclic Streaming Applications using CSDF Models
    Authors: Philip Kurtin and Marco Bekooij
  • Mobile Ultrasound Imaging on Heterogeneous Multi-Core Platforms
    Authors: Andreas Kurth, Andreas Tretter, Pascal Alexander Hager, Sergio Sanabria, Orçun Göksel, Lothar Thiele and Luca Benini
  • On Detecting and Using Memory Phases in Multimedia Systems
    Authors: Hossein Tajik, Bryan Donyanavard and Nikil Dutt
  • Multiprocessor Scheduling of an SDF Graph with Library Tasks Considering the Worst Case Contention Delay
    Authors: Hanwoong Jung, Hyunok Oh and Soonhoi Ha
  • An Online Overclocking Scheme for Bursty Real-time Tasks and an Evaluation of its Thermal Impact
    Authors: Björn Forsberg, Kai Lampka and Vasileios Spiliopoulos